Growmoor Recycling Limited

Providing waste management services, protecting the environment and promoting recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

About Us

Established in 2012 Growmoor Recycling Ltd is a fully authorised and licensed waste facility in the outskirts of Dungannon, Co, Tyrone, Northern Ireland. We are registered Waste Carriers committed to providing a high-quality service to waste producers. We are well known within the industry and pride themselves on their customer driven service, and thrive from the repeat business generated as a result.

Recycling and waste management is becoming increasingly important in our society and Growmoor Recycling is committed to working towards trying to control the vast amounts of waste that go to landfill in Northern Ireland each year. We are committed to reducing waste going to landfill through recycling and sustainable waste management.

Benefits of GRL

Fully Licensed Recycling Facility

Registered Waste Carrier

Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Licensed

Full Waste Audit Trail Available

Monthly Waste Reports Available

Same Day Service

Fast, Efficient Service

Waste Management Advice Available on Request

Waste Codes Accepted

We offer a waste and composting facility to reduce and reuse the following products

  • 02-01-03 Plant Tissue Waste

    Straw, other crop residues (left overs) riverine vegetation & spent growing media based on plant tissue such as compost derived (drawn from) segregated bio waste peat and bark

  • 02-07-01 Waste from Washing, Cleaning and Mechanical Reduction of Flaw Materials

    Includes spent grain hops and whiskey filter sheets/cloths of biodegradable material only, no chemical agents added & no toxin residues present

  • 03-01-05 Sawdust, Shavings & Cuttings

    Board and veneer other than those mentioned in 03 01 04
    ( 03 01 04 is treated with dangerous substance )

  • 03-03-01 Waste, Bark and Wood

    Waste from pulp ( soft wet substance made from matter ) paper & cardboard production & processing

  • 19-09-02 Sludges from Water Clarification

    Waste from soil and ground water remediation

  • 20-02-01 Biodegradable Waste

    Any waste that is not food or faeces

All these products are recycled in accordance with NIEA Waste and Contaminated Land (NI) Order 1997
under licence number LN/12/39. These certificates are available upon request.

Sludge Cake/Bio Solids

Sludge Cake

Sludge Cake is sludge that has been dewatered by a treatment process to a moisture content of 60-85 percent depending on the type of sludge and manner of treatment.

Growmoor Recycling Ltd will transport sludge cake from its origins to our authorised waste treatment facility in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.

At our site we are fully licensed to reduce and reuse this material. This material is sorted onsite and dried mechanically and on land to reduce it substantially. These processes help to reduce the amount being sent to landfill.

Bespoke Needs

Many customers cake/biosolid requirements can be quite bespoke, and therefore we ask that you call us on 028 3885 2346 to discuss your needs. We can then conduct a site visit to ensure best practices will be implemented.

Sludge Haulage

Company Policies

The Company is aware that control of health and safety in its operations and arising out of its work activities is an essential function of good management which leads to efficient operations, the protection of its workforce and the quality of its work.

Health & Safety
It is the Company’s policy to ensure the health and safety of all of its employees, contractors and visitors in the working environment under its control, and to provide sufficient time, money and any other resources to achieve this aim.
Environmental Policy
The company has a strong commitment to the prevention of pollution, the safeguarding of the environment and public health whilst carrying out our trading activities.
Quality Policy
The directors and employees of GRL value our customers and are dedicated to satisfying their needs. We are committed to a strategy, which bases the development of the business on the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction.

If you wish to view a more detailed version of our Company Policies, please download the PDF below.


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